Federal Clients

Honesty....Accountability....Character. These are the values that guide Choctaw Global Staffing's business relationships. Our long-term affiliations with federal agencies allow us to align the right people in the right place at the right time in order to provide the overall best value for our customers.

Choctaw Global Staffing has nurtured long-term partnerships with:




Choctaw Global Staffing - Staffing Services For Multiple Federal Agencies


At Choctaw Global Staffing, we believe it is an honor to work for our customers and we are committed to upholding the highest principles of professionalism in our every day practices. Since inception, we have grown from a single institution, focused solely on contract staffing, into a multi-organization government and commercial service provider. We take ownership of our success and, guided by our core value system, add to the success of our customers. Our values demand a commitment to our customers, ourselves, and our Choctaw Nation.

  • Character
  • Committed to maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity
  • Honesty
  • Committed to trustworthiness in communication and conduct
  • Open-Minded
  • Committed to being creative and breaking the status quo
  • Community
  • Committed to professionalism and advancing the self-sufficiency of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Transformation
  • Committed to aligning people, processes and technology to improve inefficiencies
  • Accountability
  • Committed to meeting the highest performance standards while providing the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma with a valuable business resource
  • Worker
  • Committed to believing that every employee has more potential than even they realize

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The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

As the third largest tribe in the United States, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma spans 10 ½ counties in Southeastern Oklahoma and  has over 200,000 enrolled tribal members living across the world. Led by Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr., and the Tribal Council, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is dedicated to preserving the tribe's history and traditions, while securing a viable future for generations to come.

For more information on the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, please visit www.choctawnation.com.

Federal Recognition

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is an American Indian Tribe organized pursuant to the provision of the Act of June 26,1936-1949. Stat. 7967. The Nation is federally recognized by the United States government through the Secretary of the Interior. As a Federally recognized Indian Tribe, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is a sovereign government with inherent powers and attributes of sovereignty with the authority to perform governmental as well as businesslike functions.

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2101 W. Arkansas St.
Durant, OK 74701

Tel: 866-326-1000
Fax: 580-924-5764 info@choctawglobal.com