Clinical Guidance and Resources



DoD/VA Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)

   About DoD/VA CPGs   

   CPGs are evidence-based guidelines intended to improve patient care by reducing variation in practice
   and systematizing "best practices."
   The use of CPGs must always be in the context of a healthcare provider's clinical judgement in the care of a particular patient.
   For that reason, CPGs may be viewed as educational tools to provide information and to assist in decision-making.


     -- Military Related --

     *CPG is currently being updated; title will change to Chronic Multisymptom Illness

     **Use of CPG is mandated by DoD(Health Affairs); it is the only mandated CPG.
        PDH-CPG Training is available at


     -- Chronic Disease in Primary Care --


      -- Mental Health --


     -- Pain --


     -- Women's Health --


     -- Rehabilitation --


Topics in Military Medicine

     -- Exposures --


     -- Deployment --


     -- Suicide --


     -- Risk Communication --


     -- Patient-Physician Communication --


     -- Sleep --


     -- Risky Drinking --


     -- Patient Empowerement --


     -- Cultural Competence --


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